Parker Smith, CAS

Chief Executive Officer

"Simplifyance came to be because of my passion and commitment to helping others and creating solutions to the complex behavioral health challenges that our communities face."

Sam Stein

Chief Technical Officer

"I work with Simplifyance because I have a passion for entrepreneurial endeavors and startups. I enjoy working with people, helping them build and launch their idea."

Tim Smith

Chief Financial Officer

"The awesome vision at Simplifyance allows me to fully utilize and fulfill my primary aim in life which is to use my entrepreneurial and spiritual talents to benefit others both personally and professionally."

Nikki Roettger, CPHQ

Director of Advisory Services

"Simplifyance truly adheres to its mission, vision, and values in all aspects of the organization. I'm proud to be a part of an organization like this." 

Jessica Ortega    

Director of Sales

" I love being part of Simplifyance because it affords me the opportunity to help behavioral health organizations raise the bar when it comes to managing and tracking compliance tasks and activities, which in turn provides a higher quality treatment experience for clients and patients ."

Marley Barde 

Operations Manager

"Working at Simplifyance allows me to work in an environment where I am aligned with the mission and spirit of my surroundings."

Trevor Stein

Lead Developer

"I was instantly drawn to the team's desire to improve the quality of care provided in the behavioral healthcare field and being able to develop the tools that help others."

Evan Smith    

Junior Developer

"Simplifyance supports my passion of helping other people and I am thrilled to work with a team of kind-hearted individuals to improve the quality of behavioral healthcare organizations."

Gwen Henderson    

Compliance Ambassador

" Simplifyance's mission, vision and core focus aligns perfectly with my passion for compliance and commitment to help Behavioral Health agenices and professionals understand how vital compliance is for their growth and day to day operations. Working for Simplifyance gives me the opportunity to provide solutions to simplfy the need for compliance, and how to maintain being compliant. Nothing happens without it! "

Jeff Jean   

Program Coordinator

" I joined Simplifyance because I have seen firsthand the life-saving services that behavioral health organizations provide and the work that we do to support those organizations serves a greater purpose."

Corey Ingold  

Relationship Specialist

" I joined Simplifyance because of the major impact behavioral health has had on my life. I truly believe in the vision of Simplifyance and what it can do for the industry as a whole. I think the overall work Simplifyance is doing will transform and perfect how behavioral health can help others."